Monty Lounge Industries, LLC

Monty Lounge Industries is me, Kevin Fricovsky. I provide web strategy, development and design solutions to both large and small companies. With over 12 years of web industry experience, I've developed a knack, some people have said, for delivering creative solutions to solve every day problems. Learn more.
about monty lounge industries
testimonials heard around town
"Kevin is one of those rare talents that could handle every aspect of a web project single-handedly. He excels in design, information architecture, and user experience, but can also tackle code and development. His talent paired with the ability to speak to clients in a language they understand make Kevin a real standout in our community and an asset to any web project."
- Peter Baumgartner, Founder, Lincoln Loop
interface information design

Design matters. How users "read" your website directly relates to how successful your site will perform. I work with you to deliver creative, clear and effective information design, and a friendly user experience.

application development

Application development doesn't need to be intimidating. I work with you to help define your web product and better understand the development process — offering simple, practical, cost effective solutions.

community building

Helping people build a community around something they're passionate about is a challenge I truly enjoy. Together we can generate original, engaging solutions to build a passionate audience.

business strategy marketing

Knowing the web industry is my job. From making use of existing solutions to solve business needs, to SEO, email, newsletters, marketing, blogging, and networking, I help you leverage the web to increase your web/brand strategy and create new business opportunities.