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Below are some kind words from people I've worked with in the past.

"Kevin was hired as a developer for a website design project and was a key factor to the overall success of the project. He is extremely knowledgeable and reliable, always available to discuss and troubleshoot any issues that arise. We expected a few delays due to a 12-hour time difference and working remotely from another country, but his diligence, patience and willingness to explain everything in detail made for a very smooth and pleasurable experience. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the result and I'm happy to say that our client was extremely impressed with the final website and very pleased with the functionality and usability of the CMS and UI. I highly recommend Kevin and hope to collaborate with him again in the future."
- Adrian Ma, Project Manager, Whitespace
"Bringing Kevin in to work with us on a project for Whitespace was the key to its success. He brought to the table his enthusiasm, spirit, technical know-how and readiness to take on a challenge that also required working across a tricky 12 hour time difference. His deep understanding of his tools, his thoughtful approach at providing solutions, and clear-cut communication inspired our entire team. He realized our designs and made them function perfectly, and our client was thoroughly impressed with the end results. We could not have done this without his dedication, patience and skills and we're proud to call him both a friend and partner. We highly recommend an opportunity to work with Kevin."
- Danielle Huthart, Owner, Whitespace
"Innovative, intelligent and insightful - Fricovsky is a developer in every sense of the word. He takes a skeleton of an idea and nourishes it into a full-scale technology solution, never forgetting the customer's original goal. He knows how to speak both business and technology without losing a word in translation. Fricovsky also brings a great sense of morale to any team he joins. He can take a large concept and break it down into acheivable goals so that each team member feels a sense of accomplishment. Fricovsky can both navigate and drive a project by fostering a great work environment and including everyone in a project's evolution. He's an asset to any team lucky enough to have him."
- Tanuja Gupta, Project Manager, Barnes & Noble
"Kevin has the innate and unique gift of being able to build communities. He not only has the technical and artistic ability to execute on his own vision, but he also inspires excellence in everyone around him. He also attacks ideas from all angles--nothing is left half-finished when Kevin is behind the wheel."
- Eric Florenzano, Software Engineer, MochiMedia
"Even though I am not involved directly in the Django community, Kevin's name was one I heard over and over again when I began to search for a Django programmer to help with a redesign of our web site. Once we partnered with him I found him a delight and a boon in the often arduous task of redesigning a site. His patience with my technical short fallings and his efforts to be available for our emergencies impressed everyone in my company. I can't recommend him strongly enough, especially for those who need a little hand holding through difficult technical periods."
- Kirk Faulkner, Community Evangalist, FilmCatcher
"Kevin is one of the most well-rounded professionals I know. I would jump at the opportunity to work with him again. Kevin has incredible artistic skills, top-notch programming chops, insightful prose, and most of all, a truly inspiring vision and business savvy. This combination makes him an effective collaborator because he can see from the perspective of each person he works with, can speak their lingo, and challenge them to produce great work by mere example. Hire him. "
- Shaun Ellis, Web Application Developer, Rutgers University
"Kevin is a fantastic solution architect. He has the technical expertise and a full grasp of the business problem to get the project done properly. Not many people can understand technology and business like him. Any project that I am working on, I want to get Kevin involved with because he is that good."
- Rajiv Doshi, Web Strategy/Project Manager, MineKey
"I first became aware of Kevin's work through the Django community, in which he has been a real pillar for the past couple of years. Besides his top-notch programming and design work for clients, Kevin has released a number of open source Django projects that have been helpful to me in several instances. And, he's been a great community member, offering his services to a terrific podcast and several other community-building ventures. Kevin is unique in the Django community in that he's both a great designer and a great developer -- there aren't too many people that can do both well. He comes highly recommended to anyone looking for a well-rounded designer and developer to work with."
- Jeff Croft, Blue Flavor
"Kevin just plain gets it. He knows how to interpret immediate business needs into big picture and long term growth strategies without sacrificing time and effort. He has an amazing ability to keep his ear to the ground and his eyes on the horizon; to know what's coming and to know how best to use it get you to your goal. Kevin was the key to many of our successes."
- Paul Bausch, Director, Analysis and Technology,
"Kevin is one of those rare talents that could handle every aspect of a web project single-handedly. He excels in design, information architecture, and user experience, but can also tackle code and development. His talent paired with the ability to speak to clients in a language they understand make Kevin a real standout in our community and an asset to any web project."
- Peter Baumgartner, Founder, Lincoln Loop
"Kevin is one of those individuals who can truly do everything. I witnessed Kevin design a functional and aesthetically pleasing site, develop the complex logic to run the site, build a recognizable brand, and handle the billing and accounting for a project. The Lounge is a success today because of the hard work Kevin put in up front doing all of these things."
- James Avery, Founder, Infozerk